Q: Can I export or import using Excel ?


Yes, depending on your access within the D-BIT Security setup each type of transaction can be imported and any masterfile information can be exported.

Q: Is there a report that explains the depreciation calculation ?


Yes, D-BIT has a trace facility that can be exported and printed to PDF.

Q: Where can I get training on D-BIT Fixed Assets?


D-BIT offers training on a monthly basis at our offices in Randburg. Training in other areas can be arranged depending on the number of delegates.

Q: Is D-BIT Fixed Assets compatible with Windows server 2008 R2 64Bit ?


Yes, D-BIT Fixed Assets is compatible with Windows server 2008 R2 64Bit and 32Bit.

Q: Is D-BIT Fixed Assets compatible with Windows 7 ?


Yes, D-BIT Fixed Assets is compatible with Windows 7.

Q: I’ve incorrectly captured the purchase price of an asset, how can I correct this?


You can correct an incorrectly captured purchase price via the transaction – Capitalization Adjusmtment.

Q: I have forgotten my password, how can I find out what it was?


Unfortunately we cannot help you in recovering your password. Your Administrator can re-set your password, alternatively we can re-set your password to a default password.

Q: I have accidentally scrapped the wrong asset, can I re-instate it?


Yes, you can re-instate any asset as at the same date as which it was originally scrapped. D-BIT will reverse any GL entries made at the time of the scrapping.

Q: I’ve been asked to split certain PPE assets into components, however I need to be able to report on the main asset. Can this be done within D-BIT?


Yes, D-BIT allows for Master and Component assets where each component can have a different depreciation rate and period and still allows you to report on the “Master” asset.

Q: How many users can access D-BIT at the same time?


Depending on the version of D-BIT Fixed Assets you have installed, you can either have 1, 5 or an unlimited number of concurrent users accessing the same register.


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