D-BIT Fixed Assets enhancements for first quarter 2011 2011-04-02

New management features covering insurance and leasing. The insurance feature will assist clients in compiling a precise list of assets covered by insurance with all relevant information i.e. asset number, description, purchase date, insured value, replacement value, serial numbers, supplier details, premiums, insurance cover, insurance renewal dates etc.

Supplementary Fields 2011-04-01

Category Specific Supp Fields

The section in FICONF.DAT [FISETT-Supplementary] describes the layout of the ‘Supp’ tab of Asset Maintenance.

If  a section [FISETT-<Category>] exists it will be used to format the ‘Supp’ tab for any asset that is assigned to <Category>.

This allows Category specific supp fields (e.g. Vehicle information not pertinent to Computer equipment)

AUDIT – Audit expanded 2011-01-01

All data fields affected by an Import.

All data fields affected by Transfer IN.

All data fields affected by Transfer OUT.

All data fields affected by Remove Scrapped Assets.

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