Bulk Load Assets 2011-01-01

A base template (CSV format) of minimum required fields for take on has been added under Bulk Transactions.  Required fields include Asset number, Description, Purchase Date, Purchase Price, Category, and Book Value. The system will automatically assign the correct depreciation rules, wear and tear rules as well as general ledger account numbers based on the category.

Freeze Values 2010-10-01

Freeze Values

Depreciation and Wear & Tear values may be independently frozen – date specific

New Depreciation Method added – Unit of Usage 2009-05-01


New Depreciation Method added – Unit of Usage

This rule allows for an asset to be written off based on number of units for example;


A Motor Vehicle will be written off based on kilometers travelled.  Specify a maximum unit of usage (120 000) and advise actual units monthly/yearly the system will re-calculate the end of life date every time actual units are advised.

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