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D-BIT Fixed Assets Overview:

Watchthis video for a brief overview of D-BIT Fixed Assets.

The Master tab is an indication of the details kept for each asset.

The Values tab shows Valuations, Revaluations, Residual Values, Useful Life and Fair life to name but a few of the possible transactions that can be performed on an individual asset or a group of assets. All these transactions are date sensitive resulting in a 100% accurate depreciation and wear and tear calculation.

D-BIT Fixed Assets – Finder:

Watch this video to explore the power of the D-BIT Finder

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D-BIT Fixed Asset Brochure:

D-BIT Fixed Assets – Designed to manage and control the financial and physical aspects of your fixed assets.


D-BIT BULK Scrap/Sell of Assets:

The BULK Scrap/Sell of Assets facility allows you to BULK scrap/sell assets from a CSV file with minimum fields required.


Required fields are;- AssetNumber, Description,Selling Price,Sell Date,Special Formula

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